Making a Donation


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1) Donate any amount you wish. Every cent will go toward the creation of these boxes and given the families in need. 

2) Donate enough for an entire care box. 

Kenley Boxes cost us $150 to make. 

Premature Care Boxes cost us about $250 for make. 

3) If you wish to purchase an entire box, let us know and we can dedicate the box on behalf of someone you love.

4) Please contact us if you wish to donate items, crocheted clothing, gift cards, box items. 

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Q: What does my donation go toward?

A: Purchasing the boxes and items contained within. These boxes will be given to families who experience stillbirth or premature birth at participating hospitals.

Q: Am I required to donate enough for an entire box?

A: You can donate as little or as much as you wish. No matter the amount, your donation will make a difference.

Q: Who gets the boxes?

A: Currently, families at participating hospitals will receive boxes. These hospitals include Appalachian Regional Healthcare in Middlesboro, KY and Morristown Hamblen Healthcare System in Morristown, TN. As we continue to grow, we will be expanding into more rural hospitals. 

Q: Who makes the boxes?

A: The medical students at Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.



Testimonials from Our Families

"These boxes are invaluable to the parents of these infants and I look forward to having this to offer in the future. Not only do the families benefit, the staff on the labor and delivery take great pleasure in offering these to the parents of our preterm infants that have to go the the NICU.

Thank you again for allowing MHHS and its patients to benefit from the hard work and generosity of your Kenley Project donators." 

- D.W. Labor and Delivery Nurse Manager

"The staff were so excited and family loved the care box" -G.L.