Our Story

Our Inspiration


We are a charitable organization founded by medical students (James Dolbow and Mandy Alhajj) and focused on helping families get through a time they never thought they would have to endure; the stillbirth of their child. 

Rebecca Wood is a mother, author of "A Letter to My Doctor",  speaker, and advocate for mothers and fathers who experience the unexpected death of their child. 

February 25th 2013, her daughter Kenley Wood was stillborn . 

Mrs. Wood came to our medical school, Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, and shared her story of perinatal loss, grief, and the lack of resources that accompanied her experience. Her talk inspired us to do something for future mother's and father's who have a stillborn child, in the hopes of improving their experience and making a difference in our local communities.

As the project began to grow, we learned of the immense need for support of families experiencing the pre-mature birth of their child. In rural America, a pre-mature birth means that your baby will be sent to a hospital in the nearest major city which can be over an hour away. We wanted to help these families as well, so we have incorporated care for these families into our initiative alongside support for families experiencing stillbirth. 

This project is dedicated in honor of Rebecca Wood and in memory of Kenley Evelyn Wood.  

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